Welcome Abroad!

Welcome to BadgerMaps, the humanitarian mapping & activities organization that acts as the sister club of the Geography Club. 

While the Geography Club focuses on fostering connections and establishing networks between undergraduates and faculty interested in geography, BadgerMaps is more action-orientated and is committed to applying the Wisconsin Idea as far as we can.

Membership (and complementary pizza at meetings) are free. Meetings are biweekly during the semester with Geography Club meetings on the opposite weeks.  Members interested in joining BadgerMaps should look below to join our Mailing List!

Map It Out

BadgerMaps' main objective is to provide a space for members to collaborate on mapping projects using third-party organizations such as the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). 

Worlds Collide

The boundaries between Geography Club and BadgerMaps is purposely blurry, and many of our members are part of both clubs. Collaboration between the two will be common throughout. 

Travel & Explore

While we focus on doing good where we can, we also like to have a little fun.  As such, except to partake in a few field trips throughout the semester, such as a trip to Devil's Lake, or to the Cave of Mounds.